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Acne Treatment

When we think of acne, we often associate it with adolescences. However, it can be present anytime throughout our life. Acne arises when the pores of the skin become occluded with excess dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil. It can present as blackheads, whiteheads, ruddy or nodular skin complexion, and pimples. Frequent triggers are genetics, medications, cosmetics, environment, hormonal changes, and stress; and these triggers vary per person.

Types of Adult & Teenage Acne

There are 2 main types of acne: Non-Inflammatory Acne and Inflammatory Acne. Also known as comedones, Non-Inflammatory Acne includes blackheads and whiteheads. Inflammatory acne includes papules, pustules, nodules and cysts, and results from the body's fight to contain the infection of the acne bacteria.

Acne Scarring

Unfortunately, Acne is a condition that's prone to scarring. Ance scars can form very easily and often without you noticing until it's too late. Acne scars can be raised, pigmented, or deep marks in the skin. These scars form when your skin cells fight the inflammation and begin to heal the acne. Collagen and elastin becomes depleted from acne inflammation, and often can not re-form properly during the healing process, resulting in a scar.

Treatment Options for Adult Acne, Teenage Acne, or Acne Scarring

Acne can be a troublesome condition whether you're a teenager or an adult, but we have treatments that can help! Acne treatment options include:

During your consultation, we will evaluate your skin and recommend skin care products and aesthetic treatments that are uniquely targeted for your skin type and condition.

You can always schedule a private consultation online or contact us to learn more!

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