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Dr. Danyo Named 2016 Top Doctor by Delaware Today Magazine

Thank you to Delaware Today Magazine for naming Dr. Danyo a Top Doctor for 2016!

The Doctors listed by Delaware Today are chosen by a survey of their professional peers, licensed physicians. The survey asked physicians who they would most recommend to a loved one. Only licensed doctors were permitted to respond.

J. Joseph Danyo, M.D. has had the honor of being named a Top Doctor in 2007, 2011, 2012, and 2013 as well. 


Learn more about Dr. Danyo.

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Dr. Joe Danyo Featured in Delaware’s Hockessin Athletic Club’s Enhance Magazine

We are so proud of Dr. Danyo. He has been selected for Hockessin Athletic Club’s member spotlight in their Enhance Magazine this month. Not only is he a very kind person, a devoted father, and an amazing Doctor, but he is also an accomplished Ironman! Dr. Danyo completed the Maryland Ironman in October, finishing in the top 25% for his division. He is now training for his next Ironman competition this July in Lake Placid.

Check out his feature in January’s issue of Enhance Magazine.

Dr. Danyo of Danyo Plastic Surgery featured in Delaware Hockessin Athletic Club Enhance Magazine

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Danyo Plastic Surgery Featured in Inside Greenville Magazine

We are featured in the local Greenville, Delaware magazine Inside Greenville. Check it out!

The New Face of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery usually conjures up images of cold, white, medical offices, un-personable office staff, and over-filled, over-exaggerated features. Plastic surgery sometimes seems like a secret society just for the elite, those who seem to never speak about the procedures they’ve had done. The mystique is thick, making the “perfect” face & body seem unattainable for most. This negative and elusive image of plastic surgery is no longer, at least not in Greenville.

Danyo & Banbury Plastic Surgery has been a part of the Greenville, DE neighborhood for 14 years, recently relocating to our beautiful new office at Two Greenville Crossing. We can be found on the upper level, front and center, right next to our friend Sherif Zaki. Our office is warm and inviting, with walls lined with colorful works of art painted by Dr. Danyo’s mother, and beautiful views of seasonal foliage from every room. We have a friendly staff, and a very caring & experienced medical team. Breathtaking, yet natural looking results are always important, as is our commitment to providing exceptional service that ensures and achieves the goals of every patient.* We’re redefining the face of plastic surgery, because everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

No matter age or gender, we offer unique procedures tailored for every concern, from teen acne treatments to mommy makeovers. We offer a year-round seasonal Rx skincare regimen, a full suite of injectables such as Botox, Kybella, Juvéderm, and of course customizable plastic surgery for every need and desire. A patient may start with a post-summer skincare treatment in the fall, a mini-facelift or rhinoplasty in the winter, an eyebrow lift or chemical peel in the spring, and end up with injectables in the summer. Not only do we offer cosmetic procedures for those who wish to enhance their appearance, but reconstructive procedures as well. Breast cancer reconstruction (mastectomy reconstruction), ear surgery (otoplasty), male breast reduction (gynecomastia), and skin cancer surgery are very crucial.

We invite everyone who wishes to improve their appearance to come in for a complimentary consultation with us. When you visit with us our number one goal is to help you feel comfortable. Diane or Ericka of our front desk will greet you upon entering and get you settled in. For your consultation you will meet with a member of our medical team, where we will learn about your personal situation, discuss your goals and concerns, and communicate the projected results of your specific procedure.* In the meantime, our office manager Lisa will be working behind the scenes to arrange all aspects of any surgical procedure, in conjuction with the Christiana Care Health System. Post consultation you will meet with Kathleen, our Patient Care Coordinator. Her caring and positive attitude will make you feel right at home as you discuss your appointment, and you’ll definitely leave smiling!

Meet our Medical Team

  • Deana Downey, LE is our Medical Aesthetician who specializes in skin care services, radiofrequency micro-needling treatments, laser hair removal, and laser tattoo removal.
  • Deb Geary, BSN, RN is our Aesthetic Nurse Specialist who specializes in injectables, dermal fillers, fat reduction treatments, and more non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
  • Jillian Banbury, MD is our board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with 18 years of experience, and although she has a concentration in cosmetic procedures, she is very passionate about her work in breast cancer reconstruction.
  • Joseph Danyo, MD is our board-certified Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgeon who enjoys all aspects of surgery, including his specialty: in-office mini-facelifts. Dr. Danyo has been recognized numerous times as a “Top Doc” in Delaware. He is is an extraordinary plastic surgeon, devoted to achieving the goals of each and every patient he encounters.

Greenville, DE is a beautiful, historic town. We’re so happy to be your neighbor and serve this community of wonderful people. We want you to obtain the image of yourself that you imagine, and to gain more confidence in your personal and professional life. Plastic surgery is no longer an exclusive, mysterious practice. We bring the new face of plastic surgery to Greenville.

We hope you feel like you’ve gotten to know us a little bit, as we would love to get to know you. Please visit us anytime.



* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and specific results are not guaranteed.

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Danyo Banbury Plastic Surgery Has Big News



Big news! Danyo Banbury Plastic Surgery is moving to a beautiful new office.

Don’t worry about distance, our new office is right up the street in the Greenville Crossing shopping center!

Our amazing medical & administrative teams will stay the same. Dr. Danyo, Dr. Banbury, Deb Geary, Deana Downey, Ben Jackson, Kathleen Cole and more will all still be here to provide you with exceptional plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive services that achieve your goals.


All appointments are scheduled as planned, unless you receive notice otherwise.

We can still be found at our current office for all appointments in September:

Barley Mill House
3701 Kennett Pike
Greenville, DE 19807

We’re planning on being closed from approximately September 28th - October 4th during the moving process.

All appointments beginning in October will be at our new office!


Two Greenville Crossing
4001 Kennett Pike
Suite 234
Greenville, DE 19807​

Our tentative opening date in our new office is October 5th.

Keep an eye on our Blog and Facebook Page for updates!


Please give us a call with any questions or concerns, to schedule an appointment, or for a free consultation. Our phone lines will remain open throughout the moving process.

Feel free to request an appointment online anytime as well.

We hope to see you soon!

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Vanquish Fat Reduction Now Approved by the FDA for Non-Surgical Circumferential Reduction of the Abdomen

BTL Industries, the creators of the Vanquish device for fat reduction, has announced FDA approval of Vanquish for circumferential reduction of the abdomen area.

Vanquish is a gentle non-invasive fat reduction treatment that utilizes selective radio frequency (RF) energy to target the fat cells of the abdomen area. The fat cells are naturally reduced by the RF energy, while the skin and muscle is left un-touched.*

Vanquish has been clinically tested and scientifically proven to be a very safe and effective fat reduction treatment for the abdomen and love handles.* Vanquish has been found to decrease belly fat by two or more inches by treating up to 59% of the targeted fat cells.*

Vanquish set’s itself apart from other heating or cooling systems at med spas. With the industry’s largest spot size, the Vanquish body shaping system treats the entire abdomen in one application and does not touch the body at all during treatment. Vanquish has been found to treat more fat per session in comparison with other non-invasive fat reduction techniques, and is usually less costly.*

Patients will be comfortable throughout the entire Vanquish treatment and will only feel mild to moderate heat, but generally no pain at all. There’s no anesthesia, harsh side-effects, or downtime involved. This 30-minute body shaping treatment can be performed any time of day – during a lunch break or between running errands, after exercising or even right before an important event.


BTL’s Director of Clinical Development, Andrea Morrison, has said, “FDA clearance of BTL Vanquish marks a defining moment in our journey to provide physicians and their patients an elegant treatment option to target fat cells and bring about a reduction in the waist circumference.”* Andrea adds, “BTL is proud to offer patients a comfortable, affordable and noninvasive body shaping experience. This regulatory milestone underscores BTL’s commitment to deliver meaningful solutions to aesthetic patient care.”

Danyo Plastic Surgery recommends a series of at least 4 Vanquish fat reduction treatments, along with a healthy routine of exercise, plenty of water, and a nutritional diet incorporating whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.

For more information on Vanquish, please contact us or schedule an appointment online for a free consultation.


* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and specific results are not guaranteed.

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Dr. Danyo Named Top Doctor by Delaware Today Magazine

Dr. Joseph Danyo has been named a Top Doctor for 2013 by Delaware Today Magazine as the peer reviewed choice for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Joseph Danyo, M.D. has had the honor of being named a Top Doctor in 2007, and 2011, 2012, and 2013 consecutively!

J_Joseph_Danyo-Plastic_surgeon J. Joseph Danyo, M.D. is an experienced, board-certified cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon.He has been serving the community of Delaware for over 14 years, and is an extraordinary plastic surgeon dedicated to his patients and craft.Learn more about Dr. Danyo.
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