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Greenville, DE 19807

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ON-Q Overview

Use ON-Q After Your Surgery to:

  • Feel better faster after surgery
  • Recover comfortably
  • Reduce length of hospital stay
  • Return to normal activities sooner
  • Keep a clear head during your recovery

ON-Q Works from the Start:

  • Relief starts the moment your surgery is done>
  • ON-Q provides pain relief right where you need it
  • Gets you back on your feet faster

ON-Q Relieves Pain Without Narcotics:

  • ON-Q is a small balloon which holds pain numbing medication and automatically soaks the surgical site

Recover More Comfortably With ON-Q:

  • The ON-Q System numbs the area of your surgery
  • Keeps your head clear while keeping your post-op pain under control
  • Controls post-op pain without narcotic side effects
  • It comes with a small carry case to hold the balloon making it the most discreet system of its kind

Ask Dr. Danyo for the ON-Q System:

  • ON-Q is put in place during your surgery
  • Works automatically, right at the point of pain
  • Let your surgeon know you'd like ON-Q relief

Learn More About ON-Q:

On-Q - feel better faster
On-Q is small, discreet, portable

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